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“I have been touched by Barbara’s warmth and genuineness, impressed with her skill and integrity, and amused by her humor and playfulness. Her knowledge, skill, and experience as a therapist combined with her caring, generous spirit, make her the great coach that she is.”

Michelle B. Friedman M.A. PCC


Keynote and Workshop Topics

More Than Money | It’s Back to Work I Go | Blueprint for Retirement
Two for the Road | Leaving Your Legacy

I am a seasoned speaker on a variety of topics relating to retirement and the art of aging well. My approach is informative, inspiring and fun with material presented in a manner that is both engaging and easy to follow. My goal is to help you discover the power and courage within to jettison you forward. Through my workshops and key note presentations you’ll come away feeling motivated with practical and immediate steps to start making a difference.

Any of the following topics can be tailored to your specific needs:

More than Money: Retirement from the Non-Financial Perspective

Most of us have been planning our financial future for years; crunching numbers to our magic “bottom line.” However, what attention have you given the emotional and lifestyle elements of your retirement years? In this workshop, you will discover what measures will facilitate your success to a meaningful and emotionally satisfying retirement that reaches beyond the finances.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho; It’s Back to Work I Go! ***NEW***

With the current economic crises, many people are re-thinking retirement. They’re either postponing their targeted retirement plans or returning to work. Learn what elements go into making this decision and how to maximize your choices.

Blueprint to Retirement: A Women’s Guide

It’s a well know fact that most women enter retirement with less wealth than men but we live longer. Don’t wait to discover how to empower yourself as you transition into this next stage. Build your blueprint and learn steps you can take right now!

Two for the Road; A Map for Couples Planning Retirement.

Prepare yourselves for what could be one of the most cherished times in your life together. Too much focus is put on the financial arena of retirement with little concern on lifestyle plans. Learn how your relationship must grow and acquire the skills you’ll need to face new challenges and family dynamics while allowing yourself to bask in the joy of your companionship. Discover strategies to enjoy retirement to its fullest.

Leaving Your Legacy; A Dream for My Family.

Create an indelible impression with an Ethical Will. This is not a legal document, but rather a will that conveys your emotional thumbprint for your children and grandchildren. Learn the components to write this meaningful message for a lasting keepsake from you to your loved ones.

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