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Decisions, Decisions!

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“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” … Flora Whittemore

How do you decide what to do?  Is your tactic to rely on a knee jerk reaction or do you devote careful thought and weigh all the options?  Do you linger over details but never take action?  Could you be the type who agonizes until the circumstances actually force you to do something, and then that is not what you have chosen?

Transitions like retirement are a perfect place to reset your compass!  Often we are guided by habit.  We just plow ahead and submit to the familiar even if it lands mediocre results.  If we give insufficient time to carefully challenge ourselves, it should be no wonder when things don’t work out the way we imagined!  Stop and take aim for what you want and where you are going.  Whichever is your style, some thoughtful pause is prudent to be sure you get your bearings.  Here are some ways to help you break down the “known” and experiment with new options.

  1. Release old beliefs and recycle yourself! Get out of that rut and let go of what no longer defines who you are or wish to be.  Hold onto the characteristics and values that reflect who you are today, and delete those that don’t fit or might even hinder new experiences. Make space for your emerging visions.
  2. Stay focused on what lies ahead of you instead of trying to fix what was. There is no advantage to living in the past.  Time is precious and you can’t fully open your next chapter if your head is wrapped up in the past.  Let it go!!!  A new tomorrow is waiting.
  3. Be realistic. Assess your desired outcome and come to grips with what you can or can’t change.  No amount of desire or desperation can make something happen that is not meant to be or whose window of time has passed.  Accept what is, so you can clear your path to start a new day.
  4. Tap into your intuition. You’ve had decades of experience, so don’t underestimate the value of “knowing!”  Allow your inner feelings to guide you in tandem with your intellect.  You’ve earned this wisdom…use it!
  5. Take responsibility for your choice. Along with the power choice provides, also comes responsibility.  When you muster up the courage to venture into something new, be realistic and open to the calculated risks. Even if you think it is not for you, give it a hardy try, remember nothing ventured, nothing gained.  You’ll learn from what works, and may even surprise yourself along the way.

I have certainly challenged my preferences with my film festival movie selections.  I arranged to go with different friends whose tastes are unlike my own.  As a result I was nudged into a new genre of movies that I would have otherwise passed over.  It is all fun and good fortune to recycle yourself!!!

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