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Some things my clients have said before working with me:

  1. No need to worry about retirement until you are!
  2. Retirement is no big deal.  Just stop working!
  3. I love all that free time! AND my spouse loves spending everyday with me!
  4. Since I’ve saved and reached some measure of financial stability, I am worry free!
  5. No need to map out my future, I’ve accumulated enough achievements to sail along for a lifetime!

These are but a few myths held by the about to be or newly retired.  OK… it’s true, in the “honeymoon” stage of retirement, giving full and uncharted course to your life is sheer delight.  It is glorious to have each day unfold and not be tethered to any notion of should’s and oughta’s!  You are holding the real “out of jail” card and it feels so freeing.  Then, after a period of time…a few months or longer, the luster of the golden years wares off leaving a sense of emptiness in spite of numbing busy-ness.  You come to the realization that this is not what was expected and a clear direction is now in order.

This is usually when retirees ask themselves, “What do I intend to do with the next 20-30 years of my life?  How do I bring meaning and purpose to my existence?  What is my legacy?  How do my partner and I arrive at mutual expectations for this time period?  What will my mission statement be for this life phase?”  And worse of all…Is this it???

The answers to these and other hard questions are what should be at the core of your New Year’s resolutions.

As a Certified Retirement Coach, I am trained to address more than a dozen areas of your life to help you sift through years of thoughts, experiences and hopes. Together we identify your priorities and put them in a logical and obtainable order.  You determine specific steps that are doable for you.  By the way, data shows that 60% of the people fail to maintain their resolutions within the first month!  As your coach, I can help you attain your goals in a timely and satisfying way.  You’ve earned your retirement; why not maximize it to its fullest?

Please contact me at to discuss how you can make your retirement the Golden Years!


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