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Going For The Gold

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For the last two weeks I’ve been a TV junkie, catching the Olympic spirit and venturing into the lives of these athletes at the pinnacle of their careers.  Every day, I watched one event or another with great enthusiasm and am so proud of not only the USA team, but also all the athletes who have long trained and competed.  I admired the qualities that go into making an Olympic athlete so superior and wondered how they differ from us “regular” folks?  What can we learn from their approach to life, their discipline and ability to remain so focused?  Here are some thoughts…

For one, be assured that these elite athletes don’t utter the worlds, “I think I can” or “I’ll try.”  They say, “I will!”  Their focus on the gold seldom wavers, and if so, with the help of their coaches they quickly get back on track.  They are willing to make unbelievable sacrifices to reach their dreams.  They rise above their fears and doubts.  They are not deterred by failure, but rather accept it as part of the process toward success.  In spite of many obstacles…grueling training, pain and repeated injuries, financial burdens, moving away from family, and enduring great disappointment, they carry on.

How can we, who are at midlife and beyond, assume an Olympian-like attitude?  Certainly our physically adroitness is a stretch (no pun intended), but our experience and hard earned wisdom compensates and enables us to rise to extraordinary levels.  There is no age limit for achieving excellence.  Ask yourself where in your life can you integrate Olympic greatness?  Is there someone who sees you as a superstar and how could you use that to positively influence them?  What lingering goals could you accomplish that would take you to the top of your game?  Are there acts of courage and commitment that could catapult you up to Olympian heights?  What will you achieve in the next four years?

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