Tips to Stay Youthful

By Barbara

Last week at my annual check-up, the doctor’s assistant took my blood pressure and updated my record.  In doing so she asked me, “So how young are you?”  I was struck by her wording because usually I am asked how old I am, not how young!  I thought….do I look old to this employee?  Is she being cute or diplomatic in an attempt to avoid making me feel too old?  After my exam I left the office pondering her question.  I wondered if I’ve stepped over an invisible threshold of being too old to be asked, “How old are you!”  Why haven’t I anticipated my journey across that magical line?

I don’t know if there is one specific answer for these questions as we all age differently.  Some folks maintain lots of spunk while others get old and weary way before their time.  No matter the years, I’d like to think of youth as an age and youthfulness as an attitude!  I consider myself as youthful and aim to live for a long time to come!  But in spite of my optimism, society and in this case the doctor’s assistant would remind me that I am getting older.  Those subtle messages challenge me to hold onto my youthful mindset.  I make a daily effort to deflect the barrage of anti-aging perceptions all around me, especially so prevalent in Southern California.  The media fills the air with images of youth as being good and aging not.  It takes effort to ignore society’s outdated notions about aging and overcome the prejudices. 

In my coaching and Reinventing the Golden Years classes, I discuss age perception and how to maintain a youthful outlook!  Take a look at some of the tips I discuss:

  • A youthful attitude is your best tool.  Age is only a number and your attitude about it can buffer society’s outdated projections about what it means to grow older.
  • Shift your focus from your external physical ability and beauty to value what is inside…your inner wisdom, grace and well earned experience. 
  • Keep your mind active.  Find something new to learn everyday.  Expand your experiences and broaden your world.
  • Respect your body and keep your health optimal.
  • Let go of old baggage that is burdensome and resolve unfinished business with family and friends.
  • Provide service to others….family member, friend, mentor, volunteer.
  • Humor, humor and more humor…..the salve of life.

“If wrinkles must be written upon our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old.” … ~ James A. Garfield ~ 20th US President

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