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The Many Faces of Retirement in 2008

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The other day at a new friend’s garden party I was chatting with other guests and someone asked me what I did for a living.  I said, “I’m a retirement coach,” and they were thoroughly puzzled.  “What is that?” they asked.  When I responded that I help people plan their retirement from a lifestyle point of view, they quickly piped in and said, “I never intend to retire or at least not retire for a very long time!”  Another answered, “I am not going to do anything when I retire.  Nope, no plans for me!  I just want to hang out!” 


Well, retirement today can have many faces.  You can call it anyway you want: work, not work, volunteer, travel, family, mentor, or a whole other career.  It is your canvas to paint as you like.  But this is certain, no matter what your choice you must give thought to how this plays out.  If left unexamined, the expected life span of an additional 15, 20, or even 30 years is a very long time to go idly by.


I get calls from people who think a meandering retirement is what they want, but then they find out that life isn’t that fulfilling when you are just coasting along. You loose a sense of purpose and each day is like the one before. This clueless group flounders from one thing to another, searching for their right formula to bring happiness, satisfaction and meaning. The “face” of their retirement is formless and shallow. On the other hand, I have clients, who become crystal clear about their retirement and how they want to spend this life phase. For these folks, who take the time to carefully plan their retirement years, working or not, their future reaps rich, specific and ideal rewards!


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