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A Tribute to Tim Russert

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“Go get ‘em, kid” … Tim Russert

I’ve lost a great friend! I suppose many of you, like I, feel the loss of Tim Russert, who died suddenly last Friday at age 58. Over the weekend I immersed myself in the media coverage of his life and the legend he is leaving behind. His loss feels so personal to me. Perhaps because on Sunday morning part of my weekly ritual was to watch him moderate Meet the Press, usually before I got out of bed and started my day. He was like a friend visiting my home bringing with him the week’s newsworthy events. He was my “political” coach and guide.

My reaction is beyond what I would have imagined over the loss of a TV celebrity. Why has his death had such an overwhelming impact on me? Perhaps it was because Tim possessed qualities that engendered a feeling of connection, warmth, truth and trust! His smile and genuineness beckoned feelings of closeness and warmth. No matter how tough his guests were, Tim was a gentleman, fair, to the point and authentic. He got the job done with great skill, hard work and always remained professional. It was clear he loved his job, his family, and the American people. Tim’s vitality is inspiring and his ability to navigate the wide political spectrum, a tribute to his character.

I will never approach the greatness of Tim Russert, but I do hope one day when people remember me, that some of his same qualities will cross their minds. I yearn to reach what can be my fullest potential. I see every day as an opportunity for me to tweak and adjust my life to its utmost. But to do this I need to be aware of those areas where I can still stretch and grow. Tim Russert, thank you. You’ve inspired me to…go get ‘em, kid!

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