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A New Type of Retirement Planning

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As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning. — Earl Nightingale

With the aging of the baby-boomer generation a lot of attention is being focused on today’s retirement and how to maximize these years. Of course we need to be financially prepared but now we have so many more options to our retirement lives than our parents or grandparents. Even the media is becoming more aware of this as seen in a recent article in the LA Times called “It’s Your Life Starting Over…. Coaches Counsel on How to Retire Happily.” As a Certified Retirement Coach I was very thrilled to be consulted and interviewed for this story.

Retirement planning has alluded to the theory that, if we are able to put away enough money, the success for our retirement years is a sealed deal! I suppose for some that may be true, as money no doubt buys things and provides a multitude of comfort. However, pause a moment and ask is that true? List at least 10 things that are important to you for retirement. Now how many of those items can be bought by money? How much of a budget do you need to buy happiness, health, and an ample dose of contentment?

The NEW type of retirement planning entails developing strategies, which go beyond finances and tackle issues of retirement planning that focus on one’s lifestyle. I look at ways to bring action and adventure, health and well-being, enhanced relationships into people’s lives. I want to help them shift the focus from outer physical characteristics to inner beauty and peace, honoring wisdom gained, deepening interests, expanding and balancing activities, promoting flexibility, carving paths to long lost dreams, and stirring new passions. I envision my website and new blog as forums to share with you ways to bring new meaning to your retirement and to hear about your concerns and comments.

My success with coaching clients is measured by their ability to achieve the kind of retirement that is tailor made….just for them. I invite you to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns as we explore our PRICELE$$ Retirement Potential!

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