10 Questions Financial Planners Should Ask

1. What lifestyle concerns do you have about retirement that we have yet to address?

2. Do you and your spouse thoroughly discuss finances? If so, how often? Do you both have adequate knowledge about the how, where, what and when of your financial endeavors?

3. Are you pleased with how your financial decisions are made? If not, what changes would improve that process?

4. What strengths do you bring to the financial arena? What are your partner’s strengths? How can they best be utilized in retirement?

5. What is your financial style i.e. conservative, spender, hoarder, cautious, uninvolved, etc? Will retirement change that style?

6. Will your budget in retirement be an accurate reflection of your assets? Is it compatible with your social activities and other obligations? If not, how will that affect you?

7. Is philanthropy a part of your retirement planning? Will potentially reduced income affect the level of your involvement?

8. What is your philosophy in providing for family (parents, children, grandchildren)? If you are re-married or have a “late life” partner, what expectations regarding finances do you hold around these issues?

9. Do you and your partner plan to retire at the same time? If not, how will that affect your lifestyle and the roles you play?

10. Have you discussed and put into place plans that will facilitate your transition to retirement and spending “full-time” together?

BONUS QUESTION: Would you consider a consultation with a Retirement Coach?

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