Will Your Full Retirement Potential Be Realized?

If you take a moment to visualize your retirement, what do you see?

  • Can you envision the range of options you’ll have in this new life phase?imagine your retirement
  • Have you considered the emotional preparation necessary for this transition?
  • Do you see yourself physically active and willing to maximize your health and wellbeing?
  • Are you having a hard time picturing this next phase and what it will hold for you?

There’s no one correct way to chart this life phase; just imagine your options are unlimited as you embark upon this journey.

The retirement years of your dreams should be bright, fun and full of everything that is important to you.

What you might not realize yet is the future you visualize is not only within your reach but you can have even more.


Barbara M Katz

I’m Barbara Katz, and I believe every person can craft their own unique retirement. I have worked with people just like you to help them achieve a level of personal satisfaction in their “golden years” that was beyond their wildest dreams.

My coaching service is a non-financial, life planning approach for individuals and couples, who are preparing to retire, transitioning to part-time work, are fully retired or plan to never retire. I am dedicated to helping people based on their individual needs develop the following skills and tools in the art of aging well:

For Life

  • Methods for departing from the old paradigm of retirement (withdrawal, passivity, boredom, decline, and ending) to a new and vibrant one (exploration, renewal, mastery and mentoring).
  • Redirect established skills and experiences into new ones.
  • Tools to maximize meaning and purpose in one’s life and to rekindle long lost passions.
  • Specific steps to achieve higher levels of satisfaction, happiness and overall life pleasure.
  • Solutions to overcome frustrating barriers and limiting beliefs.

For Connection

  • Open avenues to improved relationships with family and friends.
  • Delve into exciting new leisure and social activities.
  • Explore meaningful community involvement that reflects your core values.
  • Create a family legacy with an Ethical Will.

For Health and Wellbeing

  • Explore your age perception and health practices.
  • Commit to improved wellbeing.
  • Balance “doing’ with “being.”

One woman came to me after being handed a difficult series of life events in her retirement years. She and her husband had leapt into full retirement mode, moving to Florida and embarking on sailing adventures. But when her husband passed away a few years into their marriage, she was left wondering what she would do with her future.

Through our telephone coaching sessions, it became clear to both of us that she really needed to return to work for the mental stimulation and sense of the productivity it gave her - but she only wanted to work on a part-time basis.

As we delved deeper into her lifestyle preferences, she discovered where her passions lay and how to achieve them with the right balance between work and family. Our sessions concluded when she reached and could successfully maintain her goals. Ones which involved doing work she loved, spending time with her grandchildren and focusing on some new interests.

Like most of my clients, this woman achieved an unbelievable sense of victory.

It would be my privilege to show you how to realize your full Retirement Potential!

“I hope I can convey the appreciation I have for the work we did together. You have been a shining light in guiding me towards a retirement I never could have imagined alone. Thank you so much for your kindness, ability to listen so closely, your positive attitude even when I was certain all was gloom and doom. You caught my meaning even when I didn’t, challenged me on tough issues and made me laugh in the midst of it all. I am delighted and relieved now that I have so much to look forward to in my retirement.”

L.M., recent retiree in a step-down career